The Allman Brothers Band - Southern Revenge
Fillmore East, NYC - June 26, 1971 (closing night) - Hawg Leg Records - HL114 - sb5

Track List:
1) Introduction from Bill Graham
2) Statesboro Blues
3) One Way Out
4) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
5) Whipping Post
6) You Don't Love Me / Soul Serenade

Visitor Comments: "June 27th 1971 was closing of the Fillmore East with the Allman Brothers - NOT as you list June 26th 1971. A Saturday night, the 26th, which Bill Graham is refering to in his introduction of the ABB on the last night of 27th. On that special night of the 26th - The Allman Bros themselves, Bill Graham, everyone who was there said it the best and greatest show the ABB EVER played. BUT there are NO recordings of that show - Graham's sound man said they just never rolled the tape that night- ready instead for the following closing night, it's obvious the ABB were tired from playing into that same morning & gave a comparatively inferior but good show that closing night, the tape you have & everyone's heard, that Wolfgang's Vault also plays is on Sunday 27th closing night.I wish someone did have a recording of that 6/26/71 show that same show into the night (or early morning) The great Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac were in town playing elsewhere in NYC & came by the Fllimore East & were good friends w/ the Dead who were also on the FE second bill to the headliners the ABB early in the morning of that show was a jam with the ABB w/ Peter Green on stage w/ Jerry Garcia Duane & Dickey & most of Fleetwood Mac & the Dead playing with the Allman Bros. on stage. Phil Lesh in his book also refers to that night as the best EVER as do many of the other musicians....there is a video floating around YouTube of the final jam/song early in the morning - Lesh said that all walked outside to a gentle snow that morning. But No recording of that unbievable show on the 26th! " - anon