George Harrison - Don't Get Out Much
Compilation 1971 - 1992 - 3BR Records - nun - sb6

Track List:

  1. Wah Wah
  2. Beware of Darkness
  3. Something
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Hari's On Tour (Express)
  6. For You Blue
  7. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
  8. Glad All Over
  9. Blue Suede Shoes
  10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  11. Here Comes the Sun
  12. Taxman
  13. All Those Years Ago
  14. Cheer Down
  15. Devil's Radio
  16. If Not For You
  17. Absolutely Sweet Marie

Comments: A collection of live performances, with some minor quibbles. The first bit of "Wah Wah" is cut off, which is a tad jarring. The addition of Simon / Harrison from "Saturday Night Live" would have been welcome. Last, but not least, "Absolutely Sweet Marie" is sourced from the official release, which unfortunately suffers from an inferior mix compared to the 'unofficial' Celebration Night release. There is also a newer, remastered version of this release which fixes the "cut off" beginning!