Hold Me Tight
Condor / Toasted - sb6

Track List:
1) Do You Want to Know a Secret - Track 2, Take 3 from the marathon 12 hour recording session that produced "Please, Please Me" as are tracks 6-10, on this take tapping drumsticks and and harmony vocals are being added to Track 6.
2) She's a Woman - Final, Rejected Take, with an extended jam at the end of the song, no lead guitar, vocal, or piano overdubs have been added.
3) Hold Me Tight - Slight Remix
4) Ticket To Ride - Complete take with no fade-out
5) Yes it Is - Completed take with overdubbed vocals, count-in and no fade
6) There's a Place - early completed take, harmonics and piano have yet to be added
7) A Taste of Honey - Track 2, Take 7, vocal overdub onto take 5, the only "Please, Please Me" track to have double tracked vocals.
8) There's a Place - Track 2, take 11, vocal overdub onto take 10 with count-in.
9) I Saw Her Standing There - Track 2, Take 10, featuring different lead vocals, no hand claps, and different lead guitar work from George.
10) Misery - Takes 2-6, Live in the studio, with four false starts leading to a complete Take 6.
11) Day Tripper - Takes 1-3, Take 1 is an incomplete instrumental version without tambourine or lead guitar. Take 2 is an instrumental false start. The third take is complete with all overdubs but no fade out.
12) We Can Work it Out - Takes 1 and 2. Take 1 is an incomplete instrumental take. Take 2 is the final overdubbed version with no fade out.
13) Yes it Is - Takes 1 and 2. Two takes featuring slightly different lyrics from the released version. Take Two breaks down when John snaps a string. No harmony vocals.

Comments: One in a set of seven cds.