John Lennon - The Dream is Over
1997 Pegboy Records - PB 1006 SB 5/6

Disc 1: Demos

  1. Love
  2. Mother
  3. When a Boy Meets a Girl
  4. When a Boy Meets a Girl
  5. God
  6. God
  7. God
  8. God
  9. Well Well Well
  10. I Found Out
  11. I Found Out
  12. My Mummy's Dead
  13. My Mummy's Dead
  14. Look at Me

Disc 2: Alternates

  1. Mother
  2. I Found Out
  3. I Found Out
  4. Well Well Well
  5. Look at Me
  6. Look at Me

    Session Outtake:

  7. P.O.B. Medley


  8. Love

Comments: From the liner notes: "John Lennon Plastic Ono Band is the most critically acclaimed of all ex-beatle solo music and 'The Dream is Over' is the most complete collection ever assembled of outtakes for that album. We have compiled the music from the best available sources and, as an extra bonus, were able to include some exciting new material released here for the first time. This deluxe package includes a 28 page booklet of relevant photos and informative text. Enjoy!"