George Harrison - Live in Fort Worth
Texas Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas - November 22, 1974 - 3BR Records - nun - aud 4

Disc 1:

  1. Hari's On Tour
  2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  3. Something
  4. Will it Go Round in Circles (Billy Preston)
  5. Sue Me Sue You Blues
  6. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (Ravi Shankar)
  7. No No Dahni (Ravi Shankar)
  8. Cheparte (Ravi Shankar)
  9. Anurag (Ravi Shankar)
  10. I Am Missing You (Ravi Shankar)
  11. Dispute and Violence (Ravi Shankar)

Disc 2:

  1. For You Blue
  2. Give Me Love
  3. Soundstage of Mine
  4. In My Life
  5. Tom Cat (Tom Scott)
  6. Maya Love
  7. Dark Horse
  8. Nothing From Nothing (Billy Preston)
  9. OuttaSpace (Billy Preston)
  10. What Is Life
  11. My Sweet Lord

Comments: Oh my, what a disaster. Great backing from legends such as Robben Ford, Andy Newmark, Billy Preston, and Tom Scott can't fix the fact that Harrison's voice is just completely blown out, which tears the whole band down. Also subtract 50 points for the inclusion of music by Indian Torture Master Ravi Shankar. I mean, how annoying is that, that Harrison would force people who have come to hear his music to be subjected to this drek. A painful performance to listen to, for diehard compleatists only. Avoid.