Paul McCartney - Rockestra Session
studio outtakes (unknown date and location) - Yellow Dog - YD-Orange 024 - qun

Track List:
1) Intro / Rockestra (Paul on Piano)
2) EMI Studio's Music Gallery
3) Obscure and Oblique
4) Tuning and Testing
5) Rockestra: Paul's Demo
6) Rockestra: Pre-Recorded Demo
7) Rockestra: Guitar Practicing
8) Rockestra: Drums Practicing
9) Rockestra: Riffs and More Drums
10) Rockestra: Full version for a laugh
11) So Glad to See You Here: Paul's Demonstration
12) So Glad to See You Here: Practicing
13) So Glad to See You Here: Full Version
14) After the Ball (video outro)
15) So Glad to See You Here / Rockestra (rough vocal version)
16) Outro / Rockestra Tune

Note: Also featuring: Pete Townshend, Kenny Jones, Hank Marvin, Ray Cooper, Dave Gilmour, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Gary Brooker, and Ronnie Lane