George Harrison with Eric Clapton - The Rock Legends Tour
Tokyo, Japan - December 17, 1991 - DVD-R1

Comments: Okay, we here at Geetarz have a message for the Japanese bootleggers ... ENOUGH ALREADY! You guys have all gone nuts with this title, and quite frankly we're sick and tired of it. There are multiple audio bootleg releases with the title "Rock Legends", and just to make things even more complicated several of them are misdated just to add to the fun. So now they've resurrected this title for a DVD release. C'mon guys - think of some other name, okay? How about "Legendary Rock", or "Rocking Legends", or something - anything - different?

With all that said, source material seems to be the same handheld VHS source as found on Hari's in Japan, but with nicely done menus and tracklist. A nice addition to any collection, if more for archival reasons than something that one will want to watch over and over.