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Dates and venues below - 3BR Records - 3BR 113 - sb6

Track List:

Karlaplansstudio Stockholm, October 24, 1963:

1) Introduction
2) I Saw Her Standing There
3) From Me to You
4) Money
5) Roll Over Beethoven
6) You Really Got a Hold On Me
7) She Loves You
8) Twist and Shout

Apple Corps Rooftop, January 30, 1969:

9) Setting Up
10) Get Back 1
11) Get Back 2
12) Don't Let Me Down 1
13) I've Got a Feeling 1
14) One After 909
15) Dig a Pony
16) I've Got a Feeling 2
17) Don't Let Me Down 2
18) Get Back 3

Comments: Karlaplansstudio Stockholm, October 24, 1963 is the show most well known as "Stars of '63". The group is in terrific form, both instrumentally and vocally. This is also a pretty fine recording to boot. John Lennon often referred to this as his favorite live Beatles recording. The disc concludes with their final live performance, on the Apple rooftop, January 1969. This is from the actual camera feeds, is the complete performance and the best sounding version known to exist, from the recent Yellow Dog set.