Strawberry Fields Forever
Condor / Toasted - Australia - sb6

Track List:
1) Strawberry Fields Forever - early mix
2) The Bus - unreleased instrumental from 'Magical Mystery Tour'
3) The Fool on the Hill - original demo
4) All You Need Is Love - complete live version from "Our World" TV special
5) Tea Room Music - impromptu jam from the "David Frost" TV show
6) Hey Jude - recorded live at the "David Frost" TV show
7) I Am the Walrus - basic tracks and vocals only
8) Spiritual Regeneration - recorded live in India in 1967
9) Yer Blues - acapella version by Lennon and Jagger from "Rock and Roll Circus"
10) What's the New Mary Jane? - original mix
11) It's All Too Much - alternate version with a verse from "Yellow Submarine"
12) The Barber of Seville - vocals by the group
13) Dear Prudence - alternate mix
14) Strawberry Fields Forever - take 1
15) Carol - "Pop Go the Beatles", July 1963
16) Mailman Blues - complete version
17) She's a Woman - take 7 with extra jam
18) Susie Parker - Lennon / McCartney rocker from "Let it Be"
19) Strawberry Fields Forever - take 7

Comments: One in a series of seven CDs on the Condor label. From the liner notes: "'The Inner Light' has been omitted from this collection due to its recent inclusion on 'Past Masters'. 'Piece of Mind' was deleted due to questions of authenticity. Every attempt has been made to locate the highest quality tapes for this collection. Several tracks, however, come from reference discs as original masters could not be found.