Ultra Rare Trax Volume 2
The Swingin' Pig - TSP-CD-002

Track List:

1) Can't Buy Me Love - Recorded on January 29, 1964. Absolutely different, with no echo. Wonderful choral vocals by John and George. Paul makes a mistake with some lyrics. Supposed to be the best take!
2) There's a Place (Take 3) - Recorded on February 11, 1963, from "Please, Please Me" session. Intro vocals only.
3) There's a Place (Take 4) - Continued from Take 3. Absolutely different with no harmonica or piano. Great live performance in the studio.
4) That Means a Lot - Previously unreleased song. Recorded in February 1965, from 2nd "Help" sessions. Paul McCartney on lead vocals.
5) Day Tripper - Recorded on October 16, 1965. Instrumental without tambourine or lead guitar. Absolutely different, supposed to be the first basic. Not complete.
6) Day Tripper - Continued from the last track. Starting from Paul's count "1, 2, 3, 4". Basically same version as the previously released one, but with no vocals dubbed by Paul. No fade-out at the end.
7) I Am the Walrus - Recorded in September 1967, from Magical sessions. Unedited and long version without strings, bass guitar, choral or side vocals.
8) Misery (Take 1) - Recorded on February 11, 1963, from "Please, Please Me" session. Absolutely different with no piano or echo effects.
9) Leave My Kitten Alone - Previously unreleased version. Recorded on August 5, 1964, from the "For Sale" session. John Lennon on lead vocals.
10) We Can Work it Out - Recorded on October 20, 1965. Beginning with Paul's count, and it has louder keyboards. Vocals on both channels. Fade-out at the end.
11) A Hard Day's Night - Recorded on April 16, 1964 from "A Hard Day's Night" session. Liver performance in the studio. Absolutely different without acoustic guitar or piano.
12) Norwegian Wood (Take 4) - Recorded in October 1965, from the "Rubber Soul" sessions. Basically same as the released take, though John makes a mistake with his acoustic guitar twice in the intro, and says "I showed ya!" in the end part. George Martin replies "GREAT, FINE!". Unedited version.