The Beatles - WCBN Get Back Reference Acetate
Yellow Dog - YD-035 - sb5

Track List:
1. {DJ Announcement Side B}
2. Let It Be 26.36 
3. Don't Let Me Down 22.49 
4. For You Blue 25.24 
5. Get Back 27.4 
6. The Walk 27.10 
7. {DJ Announcement)
8. {DJ Announcement Side A}
9. Get Back 23.30 
10. Teddy Boy 24.23 
11. Two Of Us 24.39 
12. {Dig A Pony + Intermezzo} 
[Dig A Pony] 23.35 
13. I've Got A Feeling 23.36 
14. The Long And Winding Road 31.20 
15. {Bonus: Let It Be Dialogue}

Note: WBCN Get Back Reference Acetate Broadcast - September 22, 1969 Somewhere between truth and fiction lies a wonderful legend that only those that were there recall... In the fall of 1969, a working version of the then unreleased 'Let it Be' (at that time called 'Get Back') album filtered out into the public. Whether as an actual test acetate of a discarded version, a tape demo, who knows? What DID happen, was that a number of radio stations began playing this as an 'advance' of the presumed upcoming release of this album (that would not see light of day until the following spring). This disc is a recording off the air of the evening WCBN in Boston played the 'Get Back' acetate for the first time. The Beatles performances are about as we know from the final album and numerous bootlegs. What is most fun is a glimpse into what FM radio was like in 1969. We hear comments from the DJ, and other minutiae. The Vigotone issue of this material ("Posters, Incense and Strobe Candles") included the entire evening's broadcast, commercials and all. This Yellow Dog edition edits most of that out. Nonetheless, this is still a great artifact and enjoyable.