Eric Clapton - International Ampitheatre 1974 (I)
Recorded in Chicago, Illinois on July 2, 1974 - CD-R1 - 68:41 - sb4

Track List:
1) Smile
2) Let it Grow
3) Can't Find My Way Home
4) Band Introductions / Blues Power
5) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6) Tell the Truth
7) Willie and the Hand Jive
8) Get Ready
9) Let it Rain
10) Key to the Highway
11) Presence of the Lord

Comments: A good clean soundboard, unfortunately the level is very low and there is a lot of hiss from analog. EC isn't nearly as chatty as on other nights of the 1974 tour, in particular the band introductions are fairly quick, although EC does take the time to introduce Blackie: "I'd like you to meet my out-of-tune guitar as well!". Cover art tracklist is incorrect.