Eric Clapton - Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI - June 25, 1975 - CD-R2 - Aud 5+

Disc 1:

  1. Intro & ovation & tuning
  2. Layla
  3. Further On Up the Road
  4. I Shot the Sheriff
  5. tuning
  6. Better Make it Through Today
  7. tuning
  8. Keep On Growing
  9. Can't Find My Way Home
  10. band intros &tuning
  11. Drifting Blues
  12. Sunshine of Your Love
  13. Motherless Children

Disc 2:

  1. tuning
  2. Mean Old World
  3. tuning
  4. Teach Me to Be Your Woman
  5. tuning
  6. Bell Bottom Blues
  7. Badge
  8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  9. Tell the Truth
  10. ovation (encore with Santana)
  11. Eyesight to the Blind >
  12. Drums >
  13. Jam >
  14. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
  15. ovation

Geetarz Comments: Far superior to any bootleg release, this is the audience recording directly from master: Sony ECM-99A -> Sony TC-152SD Master Cassette -> DAT -> CD. Mastered by Steve Hopkins. In addition to the great closing jam session, Carlos Santana also performs on percussion during 'Can't Find My Way Home' as EC closes with "Carlos Santana on tambourine ... and inspiration". Sourced directly from the master, this is the definitive recording of this performance and recommended.

Visitor Comments: "I attended Eric Clapton's June 25, 1975 performance at the Providence Civic Center. Up until that time I had been a loyal fan and admirer, having listened to his albums almost exclusively since 1973. What 'burst my bubble' was the fact that he KEPT HIS BACK TO THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE from the moment he came on stage, to his closing finale with Carlos Santana. He was wearing a jump suit with a large ESSO logo emblazoned across the back, which was about all that I (or anyone else) could see of him throughout both sets. I don't know if this was because he was drunk, stoned, or in the midst of a contract dispute, but I did notice that there was a back-up guitarist in the shadows beside a stack of speakers. He seemed to be 'filling-in' some of the intricate leads, and indeed at some points it didn't seem that Eric's hand was in the correct position on the neck. I felt so let down and burnt that I vowed I would never listen to him again; and did live up to this promise for 30 years. I was 15 going on 16 at the time, and could think of no excuse that could justify such an attitude towards one's paying fans." - M