Eric Clapton - Kyoto 1975
Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan on October 24, 1975 - CD-R2 - aud 2

Disc 1:
1) Layla
2) Steady Rollin' Man
3) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4) Crossroads
5) Can't Find My Way Home
6) Singin' the Blues

Disc 2:
1) I Shot the Sheriff
2) Key to the Highway
3) Teach Me to Be Your Woman
4) Band Introductions
5) Tell the Truth
6) Further On Up the Road

Comments: A poor recording of a poor performance. Sounds like it was recorded in somebody's shoe - and it probably was! Very "muffled" sounding, the vocals nearly inaudible, instruments nearly so, which in this case is a bit of a blessing as the band are just coasting through the show, very sloppy. Runs a bit slow to boot. EC sounds nearly comatose as he performs one of the most lethargic version of "Crossroads" I've heard to date. About the only good EC quip comes as he introduces the encore: "We'd Like to do one from our new album, it's called 'Further on Up the Albatross'." This one is only for the die-hard compleatists. Avoid.

CD Cover is from another source of the show.