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Eric Clapton - Nassau Coliseum

Long Island, NY - April 3, 1978 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

New York Long Island
Nassau Coliseum
April 3, 1978

Here I am with another nice one from my old tapes collection.
This time we have a rarely circulated recording from a 1978 New York show.
You won' t find more info, setlist or artwork at cause it is not even listed there !!!
You get some info from but the setlist is completely wrong.
There is "AUD 3" written on my tape and, judging by the small amount of hiss, I think this could be a third gen recording.
Sound quality is nice, nothing phenomenal, but OK for a 1978 audience tape.
I had it on a C90 tape, but I had to split in 2 CDs as the recording lasts for more than 90 minutes.
It ends with Layla, so I am afraid the encore (usually Bottle Of Red Wine) is missing.
Anyway you will download it just for the 13 minutes blues medley on the second CD; I think it is the only time you can find that medley played from
this period.

Disc 1:

The Core
Worried Life Blues
Peaches and Diesel
Wonderful Tonight
Lay Down Sally
Rodeo Man
Fools Paradise

Disc 2

Double Trouble
Goin' down slow / Driftin'
Key to the Highway

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[Geetarz Note - It is listed now! ]