Eric Clapton - Palace of Auburn Hill
Detroit, Michigan - September 16, 1988 - CD-R2 - 63:24/46:21 - aud 3

Disc 1:
1) Crossroads
2) White Room
3) Lay Down Sally
4) Wonderful Tonight
5) Tearing Us Apart
6) After Midnight (incomplete, missing beginning)
7) Can't Find My Way Home
8) Badge

Disc 2:
1) Same Old Blues
2) Cocaine
3) A Remark You Made / Layla
4) Money For Nothing (Mark Knopfler)
5) Sunshine of Your Love

Comments: Not to be confused with the ROIO "Auburn Hills" (Bonanza - BONANZA 9405/96). I haven't compared the two, so I don't know if they are both sourced from the same recording, however the disc times are different. Some sources indicate that Stevie Ray Vaughan was a guest at the show, and that he jammed on the last couple of numbers, however this recording does not reveal that.