Eric Clapton - RAH Blues Nights
London, England - February 4, 1990 - CD-R2 from DAT - Aud 4

Disc 1:
1) Key to the Highway (missing beginning)
2) Worried Life Blues
3) Better Watch Yourself
4) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
5) Johnnie's Boogie
6) Standing Around Crying
7) Key Change Blues
8) Instrumental Jam
9) I Belong to You (R. Cray)
10) R. Cray Song #2
11) R. Cray Song #3
12) R. Cray Song #4

Disc 2:
1) Money (That's What I Want) - Buddy Guy
2) Buddy Guy Instrumental
3) Buddy Guy #3
4) Buddy Guy #4
5) Sweet Home Chicago

Geetarz Comments: Received this in trade years ago. Please note that this is NOT the release called "Unreleased Blues Night" (ECDR-905/906). I received this on a DAT tape in trade. I do not know if this was originally a DAT recording, and I received a clone off the original DAT, or if this was an analog recording and it was put on DAT from the analog master. But I mastered this recording to CD myself directly from the DAT tape, as such:

DAT > Tascam DA20MkII > Optical > HHb CD-R800a > Mitsui Gold CD-R

This is one of those things you put up on your trade list, and no one ever really shows much interest, which is sort of curious because it's such a good show, part of the "24 nights" tradition at the RAH, the best setting (blues, of course), and you've got an amazing line-up on stage.

Artwork by Kream, @2009