Eric Clapton - Hartford 1990 (VHS)
Recorded at the Civic Center, Hartford, Conn. on April 12, 1990 - 3rd gen. VHS - 2:27

Comments: Ok, what's wrong with this picture? Hmmmm, let's see ... designer boots ... leather pants ... designer shirt ... designer guitar strap ... and BASEBALL CAPS? Yes, that's right. EC and Nathan don the caps 01:49 into the show during the instrumental "A Remark You Made" prelude to "Layla". It's the sort of thing that makes this show fun to watch. The band isn't particularly "on fire" this night, there are no really memorable blistering guitar or drum solos or dazzling keyboard runs. It's one of those nights where Eric and the band are there to relax a bit and have FUN with several thousand of their friends. A sold out show with the seating behind the stage filled, EC occasionally takes his solos behind the stage facing to the rear, at which point the crowd back there just go wild. It's a spirited crowd but the audience noise doesn't intrude on the recording at all. EC comes out for the encore and does an extended "Boogie Chillin" solo jam before the band kicks into "Crossroads. EC and Nathan even take the time for a slow dance with Tessa and Katie (below) during the jazzy prelude to "Sunshine of Your Love". Shot from a single, tripod mounted camera, this is the complete show.