Eric Clapton - Coliseum

Richfield, Ohio - April 17, 1990 - CD-R2 - TBA

Disc one (74:33):
(1)  Pretending (7:11)
(2)  No Alibis (6:46)
(3)  Running on Faith (7:11)
(4)  I Shot The Sheriff (8:20)
(5)  White Room (5:54)
(6)  Can't Find My Way Home (7:01)
(7)  Bad Love (6:31)
(8)  Before You Accuse Me (7:45)
(9)  After Midnight (5:24)
(10)  Old Love (12:26)

Disc two (65:48):
(1)  Tearing Us Apart (7:56)
(2)  Wonderful Tonight (10:55) *
(3)  Cocaine (12:13)
(4)  Layla (12:11) **
(5)  Crossroads (10:23)
(6)  Sunshine Of Your Love (12:09)

* tape flip in middle
**  2 cuts in middle

Seeder's Comments:

" I personally think that the late spring 1990 dates of the U.S. are the finest performances of the "Journeyman" tour. The band appeared to be on a high with Ray Cooper back in the fold (I believe he joined the band a week or so into the run) and the band played with a fire and intensity not heard anywhere else on the tour. Eric seemed to be particularly energized -- he used unique improvisation in his solos that made even tired warhorses like "Sunshine Of Your Love" and "White Room" seem fresh again. That adrenalin seemed to wear off by the European tour, when the shows became more predictable and the set shrank to 2 hours; I think these early dates are magic. I caught the Indianapolis show two days later, and I think it was in the top 2 (Buddy Guy's Legends 11/18/94 being the best) of the 25 times I've seen him over the past 20 years.

This recording is superb considering it is (a) from cassette, (b) a couple generations removed from the master, and (c) recorded in a basketball arena. The fidelity is very good across all frequencies, vocals and instruments are well mixed, and somehow the taper managed to avoid catching the "boominess" of the Richfield Coliseum. The taper did a fine job with what must have been very good equipment and perfect seat location.

There are a couple brief cuts between songs which I have edited out more or less seamlessly, and a couple of unfortunate cuts due to tape flip (in the middle of "Wonderful Tonight" - 5 seconds or so cut) and equipment trouble (2 cuts during the coda of "Layla," which probably results in 15-20 seconds of lost music. "