Eric Clapton - Royal Albert Hall
London, England - February 6, 1991 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

Disc 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Pretending
  3. No Alabis
  4. Running on Faith
  5. I Shot the Sheriff
  6. White Room
  7. Can't Find My Way Home
  8. Bad Love
  9. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  10. Before You Accuse Me

Disc 2:

  1. Old Love
  2. Badge
  3. Wonderful Tonight
  4. Cocaine
  5. A Remark You Made
  6. Layla
  7. Crossroads
  8. Sunshine of Your Love

Comments: EC fans often refer to the Clapton/Collins/East/Phillinganes lineup as "The Dream Team" and anyone who wants to understand why should check out this performance. If a MVP (Most Valuable Player) award were given, it would likely go to Phil Collins, and if anyone has ever doubted Collins' chops as a Rock 'n Roll drummer, a quick listen to this recording would quickly dispel that notion. Some drummers swing, some drummers vamp, some even shuffle, but on this night in London the singer/songwriter/producer/actor/frontman was all power, driving into his drumkit with a crack precision that left stacatto beats ringing like gunshots in the Albert Hall. Likewise everyone in the band had what can only be termed an "on" night, with Nathan East not only laying down the bottom line but bobbing and weaving around Eric's guitar lines, at times more a big, badass second guitar than typical bass. Phillinganes' textured rhythms and boogie woogie keyboards are just the right notes at just the right times. All this combines to inspire EC, and, yes, push him towards a great performance like a freight train going downhill. It's only an average audience recording, but one that is the equal of any ten average soundboards in terms of performance. Recommended.