George Harrison - Harrisongs By George
Osaka, Japan - December 3, 1991 - Mistral Music - MM 9224 - Aud 3

Track List:

  1. I Want to Tell You
  2. Old Brown Shoe
  3. Taxman
  4. Give Me Love
  5. If I Needed Someone
  6. Something
  7. What is Life
  8. Dark Horse
  9. Piggies
  10. Got My Mind Set On You
  11. Cloud Nine
  12. Here Comes the Sun
  13. My Sweet Lord
  14. All Those Years Ago
  15. Cheer Down
  16. Devil's Radio
  17. Isn't It a Pity

Comments: (Ed Petry)

Live at Osaka Castle Hall (aka Jo Hall), Osaka, Japan
- 03 December 1991 (not 10 Dec 91 as listed on the cover).

"Isn't it a pity" is incomplete and fades early, "Roll
over Beethoven" and "While my guitar..." are missing,
the latter can be found on Mistral's "Rock Legends -
Japan Tour 1991" (MM 9222/23) as bonus track (encore).

Also missing is the complete Eric Clapton part of the
show and most of the between song patter.