Eric Clapton - Kemper Arena

Kansas City, Mo. - October 28, 1994 - CD-R2 - TBA

Taper's Notes:

Easytree Download.

This show is outstanding, and to my knowledge a copy of this show does not exist aside from this!!!!

Eric Clapton
Friday, October 28th, 1994
Kemper Arena, Kansas City

Disc 1: (53:47)
01.) (1:38) ...Motherless Child
02.) (3:01) Malted Milk
03.) (3:29) How Long Blues
04.) (2:42) Kid Man Blues
05.) (3:12) County Jail Blues
06.) (4:29) Forty-Four Blues
07.) (4:11) Blues All Day Long
08.) (4:02) Standing Around Crying
09.) (3:54) Hoochie Coochie Man
10.) (3:37) It Hurts Me Too
11.) (3:06) Blues Before Sunrise
12.) (5:20) Third Degree
13.) (3:45) ...Reconsider Baby
14.) (4:02) Sinner's Prayer
15.) (3:11) I Can't Judge Nobody

Disc 2: (60:59)
01.) (4:01) Someday After A While
02.) (3:38) I'm Tore Down
03.) (6:15) Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04.) (4:20) Crosscut Saw
05.) (5:55) Five Long Years!
06.) (3:29) Born Under A Bad Sign
07.) (6:04) Crossroads...
08.) (8:27) ...Groaning The Blues
09.) (5:00) Ain't Nobody's Business
10.) (2:54) encore break

11.) (10:50) Kansas City*

* with Jimmie Vaughan on guitar!

The Band:
-Eric Clapton - Guitars, Vocals
-Andy Fairweather - Low Rhythm Guitar
-Jerry Portnoy - Harmonica
-Chris Stainton - Keyboards
-Dave Bronze - Bass
-Andy Newmark - Drums
-Roddy Lorimer - Trumpet
-Tim Sanders - Tenor Saxophone
-Simon Clarke - Baritone Saxophone

Show Notes:
-Eric's Band is accompanied by The Kick Horns (last 3 positions of the lineup).
-The opening act was Jimmie Vaughan & Tilt-A-Whirl Band
-From the Cradle - "Nothing But The Blues" U.S.A. Arena Tour

Source: Audience recording, microphones unknown, 28th row floor, seat 4A. AUD > Master cassette
Transfer: Master cassette > H/K TD4200 > Edirol UA-5 > optical > Nomad JB3 > USB > wav > CoolEdit96 (normalize, edit) > CDWAV (track) > FLAC Frontend (level 8)

Stealth taped by Tom Mullinix and T.J. Tomlin

Edited by Tom Mullinix

Recording Notes:

Here is a wonderful Eric Clapton show from over 10 years ago that is finally seeing the light of day. Do not be scared off of this one by the unknown mics or the fact that this originated from a cassette source. High quality equipment was used to tape this show, but at the time I was new to taping and did not document things as well as I should have.

This recording is truly one of the best Clapton recordings in my entire collection... and I have been taping and collecting shows for many years.

All of the instruments are clear and well balanced. This audience recording can easily stand up to any soundboard Clapton recording that I own. Clapton's guitar playing is, at certain points, truly mindblowing. For example, Clapton's solos on "Five Long Years" are some of the best guitar playing I've ever heard by any artist.... the kind that will have you shaking your head in disbelief! Luckily I was standing it the "sweet spot" of the arena, so the sound quality and balance are great.

This is a very warm recording that truly makes you feel as if you are actually at the show! With the exception of a few cuts, the tapes came out really nicely. The crowd was extremely enthusiastic and Clapton rewarded them by putting on a great performance. Clapton even seems pleasantly surprised at the crowd reaction after the first song ...he said "Wow, that's quite a reception!". The encore was a rare version of "Kansas City" (has EC played this any other time??) with Jimmy Vaughan (Stevie Ray's brother) on guitar...the crowd absolutely loved it, as you can hear from the tapes.

Make sure and pass this show along..... this needs to be heard.

-The taping situation on this night at Kemper Arena could be thought of as "extreme taping". To start things off when entering the venue, security was tight. It took several tries to get all of the taping equipment into the venue. The mics were hidden in a camouflage hat that had slits cut into it for the mics to fit in. The wires ran down my back and into the hip-pack that I had on which held the tape player and blank tapes.

Once the music started, I was literally the only person on the floor that was standing throughout the entire show. This was more of a "sit-down" type show (at least for the beginning of the show). So, there were numerous people behind me that attempted to get my attention and make me sit down! Luckily my friends that I was with were able to contain these people so they wouldn't hinder the recording. Additionally, the security guards on the floor were watching us very closely as we sat down and messed with the hip-pack (which contained the taping equipment) several times throughout the show.

The security guards weren't really sure what we were doing, but they suspected something and questioned my friends a few times throughout the evening. This is the reason for the following cuts in music. Other than the following things, I surprised myself with how well this recording turned out! The tapes came out very well for an arena show that was taped under "extreme conditions".

-Tape 1 was the beginning through d2t07 "Crossroads".
-Tape 2 was d2t08 "Groaning the Blues" through the end.
-Beginning of d1t01 is cut and the track fades in. It also has level adjustments.
-After d1t12 "Third Degree", the crowd fades out due to tape flip.
-Beginning of d1t13 "Reconsider Baby" is cut due to tape flip.
-End of d2t07 "Crossroads" fades out and is cut due to tape running out (darn the luck!).
-Beginning of d2t08 "Groaning the Blues" is cut due to starting a new tape.
-d1t03 "How Long Blues" has slight level adjustments...very minor.
-d1t06 "Forty Four" has slight level adjustments after the song ends... very minor.
-d1t07 "Blues All Day Long" has slight level adjustments... very minor.