Eric Clapton - Idaho Center
Boise, Idaho - June 4, 1988 - CD-R2 - Aud 4

Disc 1:
1) My Father's Eyes
2) Pilgrim
3) One Chance
4) River of Tears
5) Going Down Slow
6) She's Gone
7) Driftin'
8) Tears In Heaven
9) Layla
10) Change the World

Disc 2:
1) Old Love
2) Crossroads
3) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
4) I Shot the Sheriff
5) Wonderful Tonight
6) Cocaine
7) Sunshine of Your Love

Note: Volume level is a bit low but good quality. EC quotes George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" riff on the outro solo of "Sunshine." This show was sold by Dan Rease as the Phoenix '98 Pilgrim tour show, but at the end of the show Nathan East identifies it with a "Boise we love you!".