Eric Clapton - 1999 Japan Tour Rehearsals (NDR2 COMPLETE)
Los Angeles, California - November 4, 1999 - CD-R80 - SB 6

Track List:
1) Announcer Introduction
2) My Father's Eyes
3) Interview
4) Interview translation
5) Hoochie Coochie Man
6) Interview
7) Interview translation
8) Reconsider Baby
9) She's Gone
10) Unknown
11) Interview
12) Ramblin' On My Mind
13) Announcer commentary
14) Interview
15) Bell Bottom Blues
16) Tears in Heaven
17) Change the World
18) Announcer commentary
19) Interview
20) Gin House (incomplete)
21) Announcer commentary
22) Interview
23) Gin House (end)
24) Cocaine
25) Interview
26) Announcer commentary
27) Layla
28) program end
29) Gin House (complete version, from another broadcast)
30) Outro

Note: Sourced from German digital cable radio station NDR2 (not a webcast), this recording is superior to other available recordings of the rehearsals, which were recorded from FM or analog satellite broadcats. Crystal clear, no hiss and a an absence of background noise make this a pleasure to listen to. This is also a complete, unedited recording of the broadcast - beware, there are any number of poorly edited and incomplete versions of this show in circulation. Of special interest, "Gin House" was split down the middle in the original broadcast by announcer commentary (what idiot thought THAT was a good idea?), this recording also contains the complete, unedited version of the song that was broadcast on a different program as a teaser for the Rehearsals broadcast.

This is a flawless, "no excuses" recording of the broadcast and is recommended.