Eric Clapton - Castle Hall (2)
Recorded in Osaka, Japan on November 16, 1999 - CD-R2 from DAT - aud5

Disc 1:

1) My Father's Eyes
2) Pilgrim
3) River of Tears
4) Hoochie Coochie Man
5) Going Down Slow
6) She's Gone
7) Ramblin' On My Mind (acoustic)
8) Tears In Heaven (acoustic)
9) Bell Bottom Blues (acoustic)
10) Change the World (acoustic)
Disc 2:

1) Gin House (Andy Fairweather-Low on vocals)
2) Cocaine
3) Old Love
4) Badge
5) Wonderful Tonight
6) Layla
7) Sunshine of Your Love

Note: A very good audience recording, almost soundboard quality, just a bit of a sense of space and distance from the stage. This a fairly tepid show, compare for example "She's Gone" from this performance with that from the November 27 Budokan show. This show, in general, was very "laid back", in particular Gadd's drumming was quite low key, compared to his extroverted playing on other nights of the tour. Perhaps one reason for this, at the beginning of "Bell Bottom Blues", EC says "it's freezing cold up here!". Hopefully, he meant the temperature in the venue and not the audience reception! Of note, a cool (pun intended_ jazz-type vocal intro to "Change the World" by Nathan.