Eric Clapton - Royal Albert Hall
London, England - February 3, 2001 - CD-R2 - 65:13 / 67:10 - Aud 4

Disc 1:

  1. Key to the Highway
  2. Reptile
  3. Tears in Heaven
  4. Bell Bottom Blues
  5. Change the World
  6. My Father's Eyes
  7. River of Tears
  8. Going Down Slow
  9. She's Gone
  10. It's Alright
  11. Finally Got Myself Together

Disc 2:

  1. Got You On My Mind
  2. I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
  3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  4. Travellin' Light
  5. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
  6. Badge
  7. Wonderful Tonight
  8. Layla
  9. Sunshine of Your Love
  10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Comments: Different from the RAH First Night, Royal Reptile Returns, or Vagabond releases. Analog source leaves some hiss but also is rich and warm, lacking the clarity and depth of the Mid Valley release but at times more intimate sounding. Begins right when EC strums his guitar at the beginning of Key to the Highway, and at 0:22 in track 1 the taper changes position slightly. Vocals have lots of reverb but instruments come through closer and clear. Cuts off sharply at the end of track 4, begins track 5 with a fade into Change the World.