24 Carat - with National Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Albert Hall, London on March 9, 1991 - Heart Breakers - HB811-7/8 - 69:14/67:27 - aud 4

Disc 1:
1) Layla (Intro)
2) Crossroads
3) Bell Bottom Blues
4) Holy Mother
5) I Shot the Sheriff
6) Hard Times
7) Can't Find My Way Home
8) Edge of Darkness
9) Old Love
10) Wonderful Tonight

Disc 2:
1) White Room
2) Concerto (1st Movement)
3) Concerto (2nd Movement)
4) A Remark You Made / Layla
5) Sunshine of Your Love

Comments: Recorded on the last night of the 1991 run at the Royal Albert Hall, this is a nice clear audience recording. The piano, for instance, sounds great in "Hard Times." Unfortunately, there is also a lot of room echo which makes the band seem very distant and indistinct at times. Still, a worthwhile recording. The orchestra doesn't perform the "Blue Moon" intro to "Sunshine of Your Love", as performed in the 1990 shows.

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