Eric Clapton (TDF): Armani Compilation
"Original Mixed Retail Therapy" - EC is Here - DJ Copy 21 - SB 6

Track List:
1) Parchment
2) Head Above Water
3) Twice Shy
4) Underwear
5) Back to You
6) Angelica
7) Sienna
8) Donna
9) Angelica Acoustic
10) Ripstop
11) Girl on Beach

Note: This is scary - I'm beginning to like this...

Slowhand Digest member Kevin Wilson made these observations:

Comparing TDF’s Retail Therapy to the Armani Compilation, I discovered the following:

“Parchment” is the track named “Blue Rock” on Retail Therapy.

“Twice Shy” is the track named “Pnom-sen” on Retail Therapy.

“Underwear” might not feature any guitar; through there are two stabs of sound which 
might be a guitar.

“Sienna” is about 20 seconds shorter on Retail Therapy, though I can’t point out at 
this time where it was snipped.

“Angelica Acoustic” is the track named “Angelica’s Dream” on Retail Therapy.

“Girl on Beach” is the track named “What Else” on Retail Therapy.

Finally, here’s a real anomaly: “Ripstop” is the track named “Seven” on Retail 
Therapy, but with different sampled vocals. It’s totally different to “Rip Stop”. 
However, the relationship between there two songs are evident on TDF’s “Rip Stop” 
single, listed below:

Track List
1.              Rip Stop (Album Edit)
2.              Rip Stop (Rabbit in the Moon’s Creamy, Funkshunal Mix)
3.              Rip Stop (Shed Science Angelic Uplift Remix)
4.              Rip Stop (Shed Science Hard Left Remix)
5.              Seven (Nicky Blackmarket Roll Out Mix)
6.              Rip Stop (DJ Pulse 12” Mix)
7.              Rip Stop (DJ Pulse Beatz Mix)

I have mix 2 and 7 in MP3 format and there you pick up the crossover 
of the two tracks, as well.