Beetle Clasher
London, England - February 3, 1989 - Tarantura 23/24/25 - SB 6

Disc 1:
1) Opening
2) Crossroads
3) White Room
4) I Shot the Sheriff
5) Bell Bottom Blues
6) Lay Down Sally
7) Wonderful Tonight
8) Wanna Make Love to You
9) After Midnight
10) Can't Find My Way Home
11) Forever Man

Disc 2:
1) Same Old Blues
2) Tearing Us Apart
3) Cocaine
4) Layla

Disc 3:
1) Solid Rock
2) Behind the Mask
3) Sunshine of Your Love
4) closing

Note: Incredible soundboard recording, complete show. Superior in quality to other releases of this performance such as the Silver Rarities Twelfth Night. Recommended.

Visitor Comment: "his was the first Clapton boot I ever heard about four years ago, and it is still one of my favorites. The mix is fantastic, every nuance is captured. EC's vocals are great, and his guitar solos are some of his best. Greg Phillinganes' vocals on the chorus of White Room are excellent. MK plays some great guitar licks during White Room and Wanna Make Love To You. Some non-EC solo highlights are Alan Clark's keyboard solo during Cocaine and Mark Knopfler's acoustic lead work on Can't Find My Way Home. During the extended jam at the end of Sunshine, Nathan East teases some Blue Moon and Strangers in the Night bass licks behind a MK solo. Very few blemishes--a few spots with mic feedback and Greg misses his first line in Sunshine. Despite those, this one is absolutely recommended." - TJGuitar