Slowhand Plays the Boston Gardens
Boston Gardens (duh!), July 12, 1974 - Killing Floor - KF 98011/2 - SB 3

Disc 1:
1) Smile
2) Let it Grow
3) Can't Find My Way Home
4) Willie and the Hand Jive - Get Ready
5) Layla
6) Presence of the Lord

Disc 2:
1) Steady Rollin' Man
2) Mainline Florida
3) Blues Power
4) Have You ever Loved a Woman?
5) Badge

Note: the date is incorrect on the insert (7/7/74), and "Presence of the Lord" is wonderfully mistitled "Presence of the Load" whatever that means. This performance is also available as an audience recording which in many ways is a better and more enjoyable listening experience than this rather bland soundboard.