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Derek and the Dominos - Complete Studio Sessions

Various Dates - Paddington 25-29 - SB 4-6

Disc 1: Outtakes and Alternate Versions - Aug. - Sep. 1970
  1. I Looked Away (Rough Mix 1)
  2. I Looked Away (Rough Mix 2)
  3. Bell Bottom Blues (Basic Track with False Start)
  4. Bell Bottom Blues (Basic Track Guitar Overdub)
  5. Keep On Growing (Basic Track)
  6. Nobody Knows You (Basic Track)
  7. Nobody Knows You (Alternate Mix with False Start)
  8. Any Day (Alternate Take)
  9. Tell the Truth (Backing Jam)
  10. Tell the Truth (Rough Mix)
  11. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (Alternate Take 1)
  12. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (Alternate Take 2 with False Start)
  13. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (Unreleased Mono from original Test Acetate)
  14. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Alternate Take)
  15. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Alternate Master 1 Rough Mix)
  16. Layla (Guitar Overdub, Out of Tune Version)
  17. Layla (From "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music")
Disc 2: Jams: Aug. - Sep. 1970 with Duane Allman
  1. Jam I (Rough Mix)
  2. Jam II (Rough Mix)
  3. Jam III (Rough Mix)
  4. Jam IV (Rough Mix)
Disc 3: Jams: Aug. - Sep. 1970 with Duane Allman
  1. Jam V (Rough Mix)
  2. Jam V (Alternate Version)
  3. Tender Love (Rough Mix)
  4. Jam VI
  5. Jam VII
  6. Jam VIII
  7. Jam IX
Disc 4: Sessions For Second Album
  1. Moody Jam
  2. Jim's Song
  3. Chocolate
  4. Son of Apache
  5. Evil
  6. Snake Lake Blues
  7. Mean Old Frisco
  8. High
  9. I've Been All Day
  10. Got to Get Better in a Little While
  11. One More Chance
  12. It's Hard to Find a Friend
  13. Till I See You Again
Disc 5: Second Album Sessions and Jams
  1. Evil (Basic Track)
  2. Snake Lake Blues (Minor Key)
  3. Snake Lake Blues (Major Key)
  4. Mean Old Frisco (Basic Track)
  5. High (Alternate Mix)
  6. Got to Get Better in a Little While (Alternate Basic Track)
  7. One More Chance (Basic Track)
  8. Is My Love
  9. Devil Road (Rene Armando on Vocals)
  10. Sick at Heart
  11. Instrumental #1
  12. Instrumental #2


Disc 6: Bonus DVD - Johnny Cash TV Show, November 5, 1970
  1. It's Too Late
  2. Matchbox (with Carl Perkins)


Geetarz Comments:

This nicely done set collects many Dominos studio tracks in one attractive package, and then tops the collection off with a clean bonus DVD featuring the only known live footage of the band, on Nashville's Johnny Cash TV show. This bonus material is not quite as clean as that featured on a VH1 "Rarities" broadcast in the 1990s, however unlike the VH1 broadcast it *is* complete, with EC's banter with Cash as they introduce Carl Perkins. The bonus DVD is definitely far better in terms of quality than that found on most VHS sourced material in circulation.