Cream - Video Anthology

Various Dates and Venues (see below) - DVD-R1

Torrent Info File:

This is my attempt to collect all circulating Cream videos into one place. I tried to use the most complete and best sources to produce this DVD. I also did some audio remastering. Hope you'll enjoy this.

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed videos to this compilation.

Late January/Early February, 1967 - I Feel Free (promo film)

24th February 1967, "Beat Club" - I Feel Free (lipsync)

19th May 1967, "Beat Club" - Strange Brew (lipsync)

1st June 1967, "1st Festival of Pop Music" - We're Going Wrong, I Feel Free

26th November 1967, BBC TV, "Twice A Fortnight" - We're Going Wrong

December 1967, French TV (16mm film) Revolution Club - Spoonful, Tales of Brave Ulysses , Sunshine of Your Love (LONGER UPGRADED SOURCE)

March 7-9, 1968, Fillmore & Winterland, San Francisco - I'm So Glad, Toad

21st April 1968, “Romp” ABC TV - Sunshine of Your Love

17th May 1968, CBS Studios, Los Angeles - Sunshine of Your Love, Anyone for Tennis

26 November 1968, Royal Albert Hall, London (second show) - White room (incomplete)