Cream - Creamset
Detroit Grande Ballroom - October 15, 1967 - The Gold Standard - nun - SB 5

Disc 1:
1) Tales of Brave Ulysses
2) NSU
3) Sitting On Top of the World
4) Sweet Wine
5) Rolling and Tumbling
6) Spoonful

Disc 2:
1) Steppin' Out
2) Traintime
3) Toad
4) I'm So Glad
5) Sunshine of Your Love (Glen Campbell Show, CBS Studios, Los Angeles, May 1968)
6) Spoonful (Dallas Memorial, October 25, 1968)

Geetarz Comments: Disc 2 suffers from the problems reported on the Bootography, namely that there is noise and static on the disc. Otherwise, it's quite listenable.

Visitor Comments: "This was the last show from the late '67 tour of the US and is not only one of their best shows, but also very well recorded. This particular title gets bad reviews because it is claimed disc 2 has sound flaws. However, this is not true of all the discs, just some of them. My copy plays just fine so if you get a chance to acquire this particular title just check out disc 2 first. Chances are it may play OK." - DR