Eric Clapton - Desert Island Discs (Interview)

Venue Unknown - Date Unknown - CD-R1 - SB 4

Geetarz Comments:

EC appeared on BBC4's interview programme, "Desert Island Discs". Here are his eight record choices and an excerpt from the Journeyman tour program. 'Senza Mama' by Ranata Scotto 'Au Fond Du Temple Saint' by Ernest Blanc and Nicolai Gedda 'Crossroads Blues' by Robert Johnson 'Feel Like Going Home' by Muddy Waters 'I Was Made To Love Her' by Stevie Wonder 'Hard Times' by Ray Charles 'I Love The Woman' by Freddie King 'Purple Rain' by Prince "He was also delighted to appear on BBC's Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs. Listeners may have been startled to hear him choose operatic excerpts among his most coveted records, as well as Muddy Waters and -- his all-time favourite -- Prince's Purple Rain. His one luxury was no surprise, though: a guitar. Asked to take a book of his choice, "Apart from the Bible or Shakespeare" and denied the chance to take a full set of Charles Dickens for his book choice, Eric settled for the master's Barnaby Rudge."

CD-R1 from radio broadcast, with some hiss but interesting!