Four Faces - Australian MTV Broadcast
Various dates (see below) - CD-R - sb5

Note from the original taper: "The "Four Faces of Eric Clapton" was a broadcast by the now extinct MTV Australia as a promotion to the November 1990 (and sadly to date the last) Australian tour. It was re-broadcast as an encore just before Christmas that year, and one more time in 1991. I videotaped the second broadcast on television, and taped the simulcast FM broadcast (at the time I didn't have a Hi-fi VCR), which is the source of the CDR.

The running list is as follows:

Four Piece - 24/1/90: Pretending, White Room, No Alibis
Blues Power - 5/2/90: Key to the Highway, Watch Yourself
Thirteen Piece - 1/2/90 (?): Bad Love, Tearing us Apart
With the National Philharmonic - 9/2/90: Edge of Darkness, Layla

The quality of the broadcast was pretty good with the exception of big dropouts in the middle of Bad Love and Layla. I've checked the videotape (which was recorded separately) and it appears these faults were part of what was broadcast. I also taped the last simulcast which turned out to be in mono, so I was stuck with the one stereo recording with the dropouts.