Blind Faith - Gothenburg 1969
June 13, 1969 - Moby Dick (a label of Swinging Pig) - MD 003 - Aud 3

Track List:
1) Sleeping in the Ground
2) Sea Of Joy
3) Under My Thumb
4) Can't Find My Way Home
5) Presence of the Lord
6) Had to Cry Today
7) Do What You Like

Notes: The Bootography Entry rates the sound quality as '2', I'd lean more towards a '3' as it is quite listenable, and the guitar is quite audible. The vocals are a tad muddy, but not bad.

Visitor Comments: "I've read a number of reviews of this boot that really slate it, especially the sound quality. I don't know why as it isn't at all bad. OK, sound quality isn't soundboard standard being an audience recording, but it's perfectly acceptable if slightly distant. The performance is good too though Do What You Like will never be my favourite BF song. The band are relaxed and show what they could have been given a little more time and less pressure to make big bucks. Recommended." - (DR)