"The Pavilion. Hemel Hempstead. British Tour 1976"
Hemel Hempstead Pavilion on July 29, 1976 - EC Compilations - ECC 001 - SB 4

Track List:
1) Hello Old Friend
2) All Our Past Times
3) Double Trouble
4) Tell the Truth
5) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
6) Can't Find My Way Home
7) Layla
8) I Shot the Sheriff
9) Key to the Highway
10) Blues Power (incomplete, missing end)

Comments: The Premiere release on the "EC Compilations" label. An interesting recording, it begins with all instruments except for the percussion low in the mix, then by the middle of 'Hello Old Friend' everything gets adjusted and sounds nice and balanced. After "Hello", EC quips:

"Can I do a few more on acoustic, is that all right with you? SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! (laughs) ... Another new one, we're going to break in all the new ones tonight ... because it's time we did it! This one's called "All Our Past Times" ... fucking jokers ... how many comedians we got here tonight?".