Kook's Kleet '66

Comments: From the Bootography entry:

"Klooks Kleek '66" -Capricorn Records - CR2042 -sb6 (1-10)/ sb3 (11-17 from vinyl)

Track 1 on May 8-19, 1967 at Atlantic Studios, NY; Tracks 2-9 on July - August
1966 at Chalk Farm Studios and Mayfair Studios, London; Track 10 in August
1967 at IBC studios, London; Tracks 11-17 live on August 2 and November 15,
1966 at Klooks Kleek, West Hampstead, London.
17 tracks on 1 CD.  Total Time:  59:59
EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/Ginger Baker (Drums)

Lawdy Mama/Rollin' and Tumblin'/Sweet Wine/Cat's Squirrel/Coffee Song/Toad/
You Make Me Feel/Wrapping Paper/I Feel Free/Falstaff Beer/Steppin' Out/
Sweet Wine/Meet Me In The Bottom/N.S.U./Lawdy Mama/Sleepy Time Crossroads

Tracks 1-10  are identical to those on "The Alternative Album". (R.B.)