Legends - Snakes
Recorded at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands, on July 11, 1997 - EC Is Here - DJ Copy 47/48 - aud 5/6

Disc 1:
1) Full House
2) Marcus #1
3) Ruthie
4) Snakes
5) Going Down Slow
6) Peeper
7) Suggestions

Disc 2:
1) Third Degree
2) First Song / Tango
3) Put it Where You Want It
4) Jelly Roll
5) Sentimental / Layla

Comments: This is the full Legends show, without the jam with Robert Cray. This is a superior, and different, recording than the one released on Legends at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The taper moves slightly in the first song, causing a small volume change, overall this recording is crisper and more "alive" recording. Recommended.