On Guitar and Vocals - Me! Part 4
Recorded at the Budokan, Tokyo on October 17, 1997 - Jungle Tiger - nun - aud 6

Disc 1:

1) Layla
2) Change the World
3) Nobody Knows You
4) Tears in Heaven
5) Going Down Slow
6) Broken Hearted
7) Pilgrim
8) Before You Accuse Me
9) I Shot the Sheriff
10) Wonderful Tonight
Disc 2:

1) Tore Down / Have You Ever Loved a Woman
2) Cocaine
3) Tearing Us Apart
4) Old Love
5) Sunshine of Your Love
6) Every Day I Have the Blues

Note: There is a glitch on disc 1, track 5 at 2:44. This glitch is on the original Jungle Tiger discs, not a CD-R copy. Unknown at this time if this is a defect in the individual discs I listened to, or a flaw that is present in all copies of the show. "Before You Accuse Me" replaces "Sick and Tired" in the set, and has an extra long four bars of intro before the song starts. EC has a very nice solo on "I Shot the Sheriff", he starts off very agressive then begins plucking out notes. Gadd is NUTS on the drums on the last (ending) verse of Sunshine. This show marks EC's 100th appearance, and EC makes a brief speech before the encore, and in particular thanks Mr. Udo, the promoter of the Japanese tours.