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Derek and the Dominos - The Price of Love

Dallas, Texas - November 6, 1970 - Cross Border - CBR-009/010 - Aud 3

Disc 1:
  1. M.C.
  2. Got to Get Better
  3. Blues Power
  4. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
  5. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
  6. It's Too Late
  7. Tell the Truth
Disc 2:
  1. Stormy Monday
  2. Bottle of Red Wine
  3. Little Wing
  4. Nobody Knows You
  5. Let it Rain

Visitor Comments:

"This is one of those boots best listened to with the headphones on. Claims to be a new source that's been remastered. What this actually means is it's been EQ'd to boost the limitations of the source tape. Recording is distant and echoey, but if you're prepared to persevere it's not bad so far as sound quality goes and the perfomamce though difficult to hear at times wasn't bad." - DR