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Eric Clapton - Promotion Video Clips Vol. 3

Compilation - Various - DVD-R1 (NTSC)

Track List:
  1. Change the World - Music Video
  2. Change the World - Babyface "Unplugged" (incomplete)
  3. Change the World - Live at the Budokan 1997
  4. Rip Stop - Music Video
  5. My Father's Eyes - Music Video
  6. Pilgrim - Music Video
  7. Blue Eyes Blue - Music Video
  8. Riding With the King - Music Video
  9. Forever Man - Beatchuggers Remix
  10. Ain't Gonna Stand For It - Music Video
  11. Cocaine - One More Car, One More Rider
  12. Freedom (Paul McCartney)- Music Video
  13. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Concert For George
  14. I Shot the Sheriff - One More Car, One More Rider

Geetarz Comments:

A collection of various music videos and performance clips, all in excellent quality. Of note, the "Babyface Unplugged" clip is short, missing the reprise bit at the end that makes that particular performance a standout.