Ricky Tick

Various dates - Scorpio 93066 - Mostly SB 5

Track List:
1) Sunshine of Your Love
2) Hey Laydy Mama
3) Sweet Wine
4) Rollin' and Tumblin'
5) Spoonful
6) Sitting on Top of the World
7) Toad
8) Hey Lawdy Mama
9) Meet Me at the Bottom
10) Crossroads
11) Stepping Out
12) Got My Mojo Working
13) Louise

Comments: Here's some food for thought - some thoughts from a website visitor:

If this disc was recorded at 'Ricky Tick " on Jan,15th,1967, why is there an American announcer at the beginning? They did play the 'Ricky Tick' on September 4,1966; September 30,1966; January 7,1967; January 15,1967; and April 22, 1967. The American Announcer throws me, because Cream never played the U.S. until August 22,1967. I've some real doubts about the location of this recording. I'd be willing bet bet it's more likely something like the Sep,4th-5th-6th,1967 dates at the 'Whiskey A-Go-Go' etc., or and East Coast club date. The Ricky Tick - I doubt it!