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Eric Clapton - Stadion Feyenoord

Rotterdam, Netherlands - June 23, 1978 - CD-R2 - Aud 3

Geetarz Comments:

EC played three festivals in the summer of 1978 with Bob Dylan headlining, this was the first. Now the interesting part ... yes, there *is* a barking dog throughout much of the concert, but the good news is, the dog is far, far less annoying than The Screamer (Portland 1998) or the Mad Clapper (Hartford 1995). And unlike the aforementioned two legged annoyances, Fido does shows some good taste as he doesn't care for 'Wonderful Tonight', as shown in this Audio Sample. Then again, perhaps Fido does in fact love 'Wonderful Tonight' and just wants to share his joy. Who knows? Does anyone speak canine well enough to translate?

Visitor Comments:

"Unfortunately no Bob Dylan. Beware of that dog you hear barking. Luckily it died" - Ron.