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Eric Clapton - Slowhand at 60: Part 1

BBC Radio - March 26, 2005 - PHR Recordings - CD-R1 - SB 6

Track List:
  1. BBC Radio 2 Jingle
  2. Introduction by EC / Me and the Devil
  3. Introduction by Johnnie Walker
  4. Me and the Devil
  5. Interview with EC
  6. I Wish You Would
  7. Interview with Pete Townshend
  8. For Your Love
  9. Interview with EC
  10. Got to Hurry and Comments by EC
  11. Interview with John Mayall
  12. Telephone Blues and Comments by EC
  13. Ramblin' On My Mind
  14. Introduction by Johnnie about Cream
  15. I Feel Free
  16. Interview with EC
  17. White Room and Comments
  18. Spoonful
  19. Interview with EC about Cream Reunion
  20. Crossroads
  21. Introduction by Johnnie about Blind Faith
  22. Can't Find My Way Home and Comments
  23. I'm Coming Home
  24. Introduction by Johnnie about Derek and the Dominos
  25. Keep on Growing / Layla
  26. Interview with EC
  27. Little Wing
  28. Interview Eric Clapton and George Harrison
  29. Nobody Knows You
  30. Interview with EC
  31. Introduction by Johnnie for Part 2

Geetarz Comments:

In the week of his 60th birthday, Eric Clapton joins BBC Radio 2 Host Johnnie Walker (born the same day) for his first full length interview in a number of years. To be transmitted in 2 parts, Eric recalls his 40-plus years in the music business beginning with the Yardbirds and Cream before progessing to international stardom as a solo performer.

Eric also talks openly about his personal battles with drug and alcohol addiction [Geetarz note: as with many recovered addicts, it is actually impossible to get him to SHUT UP about it!] and gives a remarkable insight to his music and his philosophy of music making.