Soundcheck at the Armoury
Recorded June 5, 1990 at the Armoury, New York - 3BR Records - 3BR120 - 44:20 - sb 6

Track List:
1) Born Under a Bad Sign
2) Bad Boy
3) I Was Made to Love Her
4) Signed, Sealed, Delivered
5) Before You Accuse Me
6) Before You Accuse Me
7) Who Do You Love / I Want Candy (Jam)
8) Sweet Home Chicago
9) Who Do You Love / I Want Candy (Jam)

Comments: Excellent quality, a perfect soundboard, remastered and tweaked a bit. EC manages to flub the vocals to "Before You Accuse Me" on track 6. Superior in every way to International Rock Awards Rehearsals, sourced from a much better master, with the added benefit of remastering. The only complaint here is the lack of the tracks from the performance proper, which would have rounded off things nicely.