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Eric Clapton - Videodrome

Various Dates and Venues - Mid Valley - DVD-R1

Geetarz Comments:

This nice compilation on the Mid Valley label has lots of tasty performances in excellent quality:

Of particular interest are some of the unreleased rehearsals for the Jools Holland show as well as the Tsunami Aid benefit, where Roger Waters is asking EC about the planned Cream "Reunion" shows to take place in a few months, eliciting the following exchange:

(technicians adjust the stage lighting)

RW: Wait until they're trying to get the lighting right on Ginger ...

EC: (laughs) It can't be done ... he always looks green, no matter what they do ... well, he is!

RW: ... a few pounds for that gig, now ?

EC: oh, it's full, yeah, it's gonna happen ...

RW: what's the date?

EC: I think it's the 4th and the 5th, or is it the 3rd and the 4th ... it's like ... oh there are? ... I think it's two days, and a day off, and another two days ... it's only four shows

RW: Third and Fourth of what?

EC: May, I know it's the first week of May ...

RW: fantastic

EC: huh?

RW: I said, fantastic ...

EC: will you be around?

RW: oh, I wouldn't miss it for anything ...

EC: (laughing) just to see the look of AGONY on my face ...

RW: (laughs)

EC: I don't know ... I am gonna have to get all those records and ... revise everything ... there's enough good stuff ...