Yer Blues - EC and John Lennon

Comments: track listings solved by a friend:

I think this is mostly stuff from the Lost Lennon Tapes radio show.  As I've gone thru this, most of the tracks I can ID were b-cast on the show.  Perhaps all of them were at one time or another, since I'm going thru an index (where I don't actually have the tracks myself) that indicates "best" source, not all sources.  The "R+RC" stuff seems like someone had all these different boots from that tape, and thought they were all alternates - nope, just different boots of the same stuff.
track 1: "One of the Boys" - a Dakota demo, c. 77-78
track 2: "Mind Games" - I think this is the common "alternate mix" that floated around before the "Abosulte Elsewhere" box
track 3: "I Don't Wanna Face It" - a Bermuda demo, I think (since it has the double tracked vocal)
track 4: "Heartbeat/Peggy Sue Got Married/"Peggy Sue" - September 71, St. Regis Hotel, NYC, used in the soundtrack of a John & Yoko film called "Clock"...and what's weird is that whoever had this track felt the need to edit it from a longer tape.  Unless, of course, its as it was presented in "Clock" which I've not seen.  My guess, a "Lost Lennon Tapes" edit.
track 5/6: "Roll Over Beethoven"/"Whole Lotta Shakin'"/"It'll Be Me" - from March 1972 studio jams for the "Sometime In New York City" album.  These, of course, being FAR more entertaining than the album itself.
track 7/8: "Corrina, Corrina"/"Serve Yourself" - a pair of Dakota demos of the late 70s, again, likely a "LLT" edit.
track 9: "R+RC" warm-up jam.  Clapton/Lennon/Richards/Mitchell.  You know the rest.
track 10: "Yer Blues" from "R+RC" rehearsals
track 11: "Her Blues" - this throws me a bit.  It's from "R+RC" but isn't the performed version (since the fiddler isn't in it); this is a different version. This is the only undocumented thing so far.
track 12: "Yer Blues" - a fucked up mono-from-vinyl version of the exact same performance on track 10...
track 13: "Yer Blues" - this might be take 1 rehearsal
track 14: "R+RC" warm-up jam - essentially the same thing as track 9, from another boot source.  I can't really decide which is "better", like it matters; this one seems a bit better and HEY, it's 2 seconds longer!  A one-chord jam
track 15: "Yer Blues" - same as 10, 12, but maybe the "nicest" sounding of the three.  And 14 seconds longer.
Tah-dah, there you go.