The Forum
Copenhagen, Denmark - June 10, 1996 - CD-R2 - SB 6

Disc 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Darling Pretty
  3. Walk of Life
  4. Imelda
  5. The Bug
  6. Rudiger
  7. Je Suis Desole
  8. Calling Elvis
  9. I'm the Fool
  10. Last Exit to Brooklyn
  11. Romeo and Juliet
  12. Sultans of Swing

Disc 2:

  1. Done With Bonaparte
  2. Father and Son
  3. Golden Heart
  4. Cannibals
  5. Telegraph Road
  6. Brothers in Arms
  7. Money for Nothing
  8. Olé, olé
  9. Long Highway *
  10. Going Home *

Comments: Beautiful soundboard recording. This is the complete, unedited version of this show. Others exist with the same tracklist but on those the final two songs are taken from a different radio broadcast. Quite interesting here is the mix, which is quite "open" as they obviously used audience mics too for a 'live' feel. I think a close-miked soundboard like Vaison is much better for most of this material, and sounds better to me than most of this recording, but on heavier songs like "Calling Elvis" and especially "Money for Nothing", the drums really come through much better on this type of mix.