Cocaine - Dire Straits with Eric Clapton
London, UK - December 19, 1985 - lun - Aud 3

Disc 1:
1) Ride Across the River
2) Expresso Love
3) One World
4) Romeo and Juliet
5) Private Investigations
6) Sultans of Swing
7) Why Worry

Disc 2:
1) Walk of Life
2) Two Young Lovers (with Eric Clapton)
3) Cocaine (with Eric Clapton)
4) Money For Nothing
5) Wild West End
6) Tunnel of Love

Note: CD-R sourced from the vinyl release of the same name. The vinyl release encompasses 3 LPs and also features some cuts on the third LP from another show - this CD version only has the December 19 performances, it is not a complete performance. Disk was recorded TAO, and has 2 second gaps between songs.